High Fiber Healthy Grocery Staples

Here is a list of some of my go-to ingredients, their health benefits, and what I use them for!

High Fiber Healthy Grocery Staples
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Setting yourself up for success with cooking is so important, and having a house full of ingredients that make it easy to throw together delicious, satisfying, nutritious meals is an important step. Here is a list of some of my go-to ingredients, their health benefits, and what I use them for!


Onions are an amazing flavor builder in most meals and are utilized in almost every cuisine in the world. Once you learn a simple dicing technique, you can start tossing them in the pan in the early stages of cooking your dishes for an easy flavor boost! They're also cheap to buy in bulk (spoiler alert: I love Costco) and loaded with fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants.


I can't imagine anyone would disagree with me here, but bananas are the perfect breakfast fruit. Whether it's on pancakes, toast, mixed into delicious, high protein oatmeal, or blended into a smoothie, they are your breakfast best bud. Bananas are also an awesome pre-workout snack, with lots of natural sugar for energy and potassium to help with muscle recovery and electrolyte loss.


I know a lot of you can relate, but I am an iron-deficient girlie who does not want to consume 10 steaks a day just to stay standing. Spinach is a powerhouse for iron absorption because it is not only high in iron but high in vitamin C, which aids in the absorption of iron. It also has just about every other nutrient out there, and you can throw spinach in EVERYTHING. Salad? Put some spinach in there. Pasta? Toss in some spinach. Frittata? Spinach, baby.


(I know this one isn't a fiber source but protein is so important too!). This one may seem pretty obvious as a healthy staple, but I've seen a lot of egg hate out there, especially regarding the yoke - but eggs, and the yoke in particular, contain SO MANY NUTRIENTS. Seriously, there is a reason these are a staple. They are also a cheap, accessible, vegetarian protein that you can turn into casseroles, quiches, sandwiches, etc. You can put eggs on top of noodle dishes, rice dishes, or just toast!

Cottage Cheese

More sneaky protein! Perhaps you've seen my high-protein lasagna recipe, the viral cottage cheese ice cream, or even blended cottage cheese dip. If you've seen any of these, then you know cottage cheese is a magical substance. It's cheap, high in protein and lots of other nutrients, and can even help you sleep due to the high levels of casein protein! For a flexible snack, protein supplement, or source of creaminess in so many recipes, cottage cheese is the MVP.

Greek Yogurt

Alright, last protein source. At this point, I think this may not be a hot take anymore, but Greek yogurt should be a fridge staple for you! It's high in protein and probiotics, and it is super versatile. You can use it as a sour cream sub, chuck it on top of some chia pudding, mix it with berries, top a curry with it, or make delicious sauces like tzatziki.

Frozen Berries

I love having fruit in the house, especially berries. You can top breakfasts and desserts, make delicious jams, or just snack. Berries are also a nutritional all-star, with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. The personal problem I have here is that berries are expensive and they go bad way too quickly. So frozen berries are my perfect solution!

Beans, Beans, and more Beans

Chickpeas, black beans, white beans, all the beans! They have protein, fiber, iron, and more, and there are infinite possibilities. Try a 20-minute sheet tray curry (one of my favorite weekly go-to's, and vegan if you leave out the paneer), make a quick and easy falafel, throw some white beans into a pasta dish, or add some black beans to your favorite burrito recipe. I buy canned beans because I do not have the planning or foresight to rehydrate dried ones, but if you buy dried they are even cheaper!

Canned Tomatoes

I cannot survive in this world without canned tomatoes. If you love Italian, Indian, Middle-Eastern, or Mediterranean dishes then you know that tomatoes are non-negotiable. What would I be without lasagna, shakshuka, or butter chicken? Canned tomatoes are also cheap, convenient, and high in vitamin C and antioxidants, so they are so worth having around!

Multigrain Bread

As a certified Australian bread snob, it took a while for me to warm up to American grocery store bakery bread, but I've finally found a few options I love and I now always have some store-bought bread in the house. The best part about keeping multigrain bread around is that it's an easy way to add protein and fiber to sandwiches, breakfasts, and snacks without thinking. Protein and fiber are so important for staying full, so I always aim to include them in everything I eat.

And that's that! Those are my favorite staples that I always have stocked, and I hope this information helps you fill your house with delicious, nutritious foods.

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